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bethesda, md newborn posed studio photography

Bethesda, MD Newborn Photographer | Keshav {day 13}

Keshav from Bethesda, MD was the smiliest newborn! I am not sure I have ever had a newborn smile at me with their eyesView full post »

gaithersburg md posed newborn session

Gaithersburg, MD Newborn Photographer | Simon {day 9}

9 day old Simon visited the studio from Gaithersburg, MD and brought his older brother with him. This is a returningView full post »

3 month old studio session

Gaithersburg, MD Baby Photographer | Dash {3 months}

You may remember Dash from Gaithersburg, MD from just a few months ago (featured HERE). He was back for his 3 monthView full post »

frederick md posed studio newborn photographer

Frederick, MD Newborn Photographer | Wyatt {day 9}

Baby Wyatt from Frederick, MD was a dream! He loved being awake, showing me all of his different expressions andView full post »

posed boy studio newborn session

Frederick, MD Newborn Photographer | Atlas {day 9}

This family won their newborn session from a drawing at Capital Women’s Care here in Frederick, MD (which I willView full post »

newborn girl posed in studio shots

Chevy Chase, MD Newborn Photographer | Charlotte {day 5}

Charlotte from Chevy Chase, Md came to visit me in the studio when she was just 5 days old. Her big sister enjoyedView full post »

older posed studio newborn

Ellicott City MD Baby Photographer | Akira {5 weeks}

This adorable girl travelled from Ellicott City at 5 weeks old to get her newborn images done. She was older than mostView full post »

new market md posed newborn session

New Market, MD Newborn Photographer | Austin {day 10}

Austin from New Market, MD came in for his photoshoot at 10 days old. Check out that mohawk! He was great at giving eyeView full post »

studio posed newborn frederick md

Frederick, MD Newborn Photographer | Lilah {day 12}

Frederick, MD newborn Lilah came into the studio at 12 days old and was a rockstar! She was actually my model for myView full post »

christmas newborn baby boy

Gaithersburg, MD Newborn Photographer | Dash {day 12}

One of the things I love about where my studio is located in Frederick, MD is how easy accessible it is for clients fromView full post »

5 week old newborn images

Charlotte- 5 weeks {Frederick, MD Newborn Photographer}

It’s not very often I get a super sleepy 5 week old in the studio. Charlotte was so laid back! View full post »

Newborn Sessions {Frederick, MD Newborn Photographer}

Thank you for inquiring! The best time to book your newborn session is while you are still pregnant. Once your sessionView full post »

Newborn Sessions

Located in downtown, New Market, MD,  Jessica Neumann Photography is one-of-a-kind. Clients from all over metro DC/View full post »

alert newborn images

Cora-Day 11 {Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer}

Baby Cora was so alert and calm. I always say not to worry if the baby is awake for our shoot, as long as they areView full post »

newborn rolls

Samantha- 12 days {Gaithersburg, MD Newborn Photographer}

I was so excited to see this family again after a number of years. Their youngest, who I photographed as a newborn HEREView full post »

newborn baby girl in bonnet

Quinn- Day 14 {Clarksville, MD Newborn Photographer}

Quinn was such a happy and content baby . . . and she looked great no matter what colors I put with her skin tone.View full post »

3 month old baby boy photoshoot

Nico-3.5 months {Gaithersburg, MD Baby Photographer}

Baby Nico came in for a newborn session, but since he was already 3.5 months old I expected him to be awake the wholeView full post »

newborn girl in pink and purple set ups

Emma-Day 13 {Gaithersburg, MD Newborn Photographer}

Emma was the perfect, sleepy little model and allowed us capture a number of different set-ups. I love when parentsView full post »